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This post is just to let you know that I have been interviewed on an episode of the terrific History of Byzantium podcast by British historian Robin Pierson. Perhaps some of you listen to this podcast–it’s one of the best out there about the history of the Eastern Roman Empire, and I was extremely honored when Robin said he wanted to talk to me about my book Zombies of Byzantium. It’s appropriate that the interview happened now, because the HOB podcast has recently dealt with the siege of Constantinople by the Saracens in 717-718 CE, which is the era and the event against which Zombies of Byzantium takes place.

Robin talked to me about the book, the real-life history of the siege, Emperor Leo and his pistachio nuts, the CryForByzantium twitter feed and even a few things regarding my upcoming books. The podcast is really terrific! It’s 31 minutes long and you can find it at the link in the first paragraph of this article, or click here. You can also follow Robin on Twitter, here.

Enjoy, and big thanks to Robin Pierson for having me on his show!