Mambo! Mambo! Mambo! If you’ve ever been to a big heavy metal festival in Germany–particularly, but not exclusively, Wacken Open Air–you’ve heard of, and likely seen, Mambo Kurt. The bald, tinted-sunglassed, leisure-suited German plays covers of metal songs on his electronic organ, usually appearing on a side stage, though occasionally he’s shared main stages with big metal acts. Though it took me a while to warm up to Mambo Kurt, by the last few years of my long relationship with Wacken Open Air I came to look forward to seeing him in the beer garden every year.

This video is Mambo on one of his most crowd-pleasing numbers, an electronic organ cover of Europe’s “The Final Countdown.” As you can see from the reaction of the metalheads in the audience, they go crazy whenever he plays this. This particular performance was recorded at Germany’s Rock am Beckenrand festival in 2012.

Yes, I thought something a little more light-hearted was in order on Metal for Friday for a change. Hope you have a great weekend, and Shabbat Shalom! \m/