In the arena of climate change, I’d like to spend as little time as possible on the subject of deniers. Denying the proven scientific reality of climate change is an immoral and emotionally bankrupt strategy for dealing with the serious environmental problems from greenhouse gas emissions. But there are still deniers out there, and denial does pose a live threat to governmental and non-governmental efforts to combat climate change. So unfortunately we must deal with it.

I really like the way University of Queensland (Australia) has chosen to deal with this thorny problem. They’ve produced and put online, free, a whole host of videos–the equivalent of an online university-level course–to explain the science behind climate change and tear out the bad wiring in people’s heads that fosters denial of scientific fact. Above you’ll see the introductory video to this program, which is called “Denial 101x.” This is a project spearheaded by the University and also by various scientists and popular science writers behind the extremely effective website Skeptical Science, which is a clearinghouse for refuting popular climate change denial myths. That it’s now in video form can only help its reach.

I definitely do not recommend trolling climate change deniers by throwing this video in their faces, but for ordinary people who want to understand both climate science and the psychology of denial, I think this is a great tool. If you like it, you can check out all of the Denial 101x videos on the project’s YouTube channel, here.