This is one of my favorite articles that I did before “the revolution” (meaning, before anyone was reading my blog). I thought I’d share it again, because all of these movies are as enjoyable now as ever. BTW, the book I was working on, “The Valley of Forever,” is now finished! Time remains one of the subjects that most fascinates me.

twisted time header

Although my next book to come out is Zombies of Byzantium, I’m working in fits and starts–and have been for over 2 years now–on another book called The Valley of Forever. The subject of this book is, quite simply, time.

Considering how much time and our perceptions of time affect our lives, it’s kind of surprising that there aren’t more movies that explore the nature and implications of time. In a way this is the theme behind The Valley of Forever, but I’m not going to talk about that book and instead say a few words about what I think the best movies are that portray time the way I really think it is.

First, a word of explanation. My experiences and beliefs have taught me to reject the usual conception of time: that it’s linear, regular and moves in one direction only. The usual counterpoint to that…

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