This is the first time I’ve reblogged something from the “As I Please” blog, but this post caught my eye and it’s worth a read. I don’t know whether it’s fiction or fact written as a story, but it perfectly captures the atmosphere of one of London’s less inviting watering holes. I love English and English-style pubs, but there are plenty out there that aren’t as nice as the Ship & Whale. The Castle is one of them. Great story, terrific writing!

Critical Dispatches

The locals at the The Castle are not afraid to tell you what they think of you, and I know of a good few people who won’t even go in there. You won’t see many women drinking in this scruffy pit, but you will find plenty of bucks from back across the water who wrongly praise this hole to be as close a thing to a pub back home as they are ever going to find in this city. They spend most days sat squat and haunched about their drinks with backs bent forward to such a wild degree that their shoulders press tight against their drunken Irish earlobes. These lads can go through a dozen pints of porter like no one you have ever seen and it will make you feel messy just to watch them do half it. The drink is cheaper here than in other neighbourhoods and…

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