“Forty Thousand Yen: How To Travel For Seriously Cheap: Amsterdam.” [video]

A while back I ran an article showcasing a short film called I Can’t Kickflip by young UK filmmaker and designer Ewan Waddell. I liked the quirky nature and kinetic energy of the film, which was about travel to Australia and New Zealand. He’s done another one, much shorter, about Amsterdam. There are some good cheap-travel suggestions here, but even beyond that it’s worth a little more than two minutes of your time just to see the scenery, the photography and the interesting way the film is made. There’s something I like about the style of Ewan’s movies.

As this is pretty straightforward, there’s not much else to say, except that Amsterdam is an amazing place. I was last there 12 years ago (too long, I know) and will never forget the experience–the art, architecture, scenery, food and beer. I won’t even mention the red light district (which is not pictured in this film), but there’s a whole lot more to Amsterdam than just that!

All visuals in/from this film belong to Ewan Waddell.

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