Last week on #WineWednesday I showed you a cool video involving two guys on an interesting wine tour across northern Italy. In searching for similar stuff for this week, I came across this little movie from a YouTube channel called the Tattered Passport. The fellow behind the passport takes us on a very tasty tour of the Swan Valley in Western Australia, but there’s more than just wine there: as you’ll see, the Swan Valley is home to nut orchards, candy makers and brewers as well as vintners, and the Tattered Passport and his friend Adam are intent on sampling it all!

I admit it was the wine tour that intrigued me about this video, but watching the whole thing–it’s about eleven minutes total–was a vicariously tasty experience. Unfortunately I’m allergic to nuts so some of the crumbly goodness they sample in the Swan Valley would be a big mouthful of death for me, but the candy, honey and other tidbits we see look mouth-watering, and of course the beer and wine. Just from this video my guess is that the Swan Valley is Australia’s version of the Willamette Valley in Oregon where I live. We’re famous for our wine, but chocolate, fruits, cheese and candy are also made here, and of course Portland is famous for its craft and microbrewery beer.

I enjoyed this video and I think you will too. I’ll keep my eye out for other tasty travel offerings like this. G’day!