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Chapter 2 of my “anti-romance” novella, Barefoot in Rome, has gone live on JukePop serials this morning! In this chapter, Dane, who has just met his old school friend Loney in a dangerous chance encounter near the Vatican, agrees to a double date and quickly finds himself almost overwhelmed by the Roman party scene. How much is too much? Three carafes of house wine, eight vodka and limonatas, and that’s just the beginning…but what’s it all about? Why did he cross the Atlantic, anyway? The clues as to what’s really going on are subtle, but in the meantime there’s a hell of a party going on!

To read Chapter 2 of Barefoot in Rome, click here, or click the header image above.

As the story gets started, I need your votes, comments and shares. You’ll need an account at JukePop Serials to vote, but it’s free and non-spammy, so it would be great if you could click the vote button and help Barefoot in Rome rise in the rankings. The ultimate goal here is to win the 2015 Summer Writing Project sponsored by JukePop Serials, Black Hills Press and 1881. Thanks everyone for your support as I try to reach this goal in the coming weeks.