The metal and horror worlds are still reeling from the announcement yesterday that Christopher Lee, a man with a truly amazing life, has died at age 93. While many people remember him as a boogeyman in generations of films from Horror of Dracula in the 1950s to Star Wars in the 2000s, he’s also the oldest guy ever to record a metal album. This song, “The Bloody Verdict of Verden,” comes from Lee’s 2010 solo album Charlemagne: By The Sword and the Cross. Though I didn’t buy the album when it came out, I’ve started listening to tracks from it, like this one, and I’m pretty impressed. With his deep silky voice Christopher Lee was born to be on a metal album. It’s also a very cool concept album tracing the rise of Frankish emperor Charlemagne, who in 800 A.D. was crowned the first Holy Roman Emperor. Charlemagne features heavily in the history of Byzantium, so he’s a pretty familiar character to me.

There’s no way I couldn’t feature a Christopher Lee song on this week’s Metal for Friday. Lee remains an inspiration to us all. Here’s hoping I will still be rocking at age 93! Have a great weekend, and Shabbat Shalom! \m/