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My little story (a novella, actually) on JukePop Serials has been running for a bit more than a week now, and Chapter 3 went up earlier today. This is not a huge groundbreaking project I intend to be the biggest or best thing I’ve ever done. Just like the books I’m reading this summer, it’s intended to be a light, adventurous excursion into fun territory I might not otherwise explore when the rest of the year’s pressures, like academic work and writing, are on.

Barefoot in Rome is the story of Dane, a 21-year-old trust fund baby with absolutely no idea of who he is or what he wants his life to be, and who defers making any decisions on these matters by partying in Rome with his old friend from prep school, Loney. In Chapter 3 Dane has a hard time explaining to himself, much less anyone else, what he’s doing in Rome or what he’s looking for; when Loney suggests a casual date with an American expatriate, Dane winds up accepting, and then facing some unusually incisive questions from his date…which may unwittingly expose the truth of why he came to the Eternal City in the first place!

To read Chapter 3 of Barefoot in Rome, click here, or click the header image above.

As of this afternoon Barefoot in Rome has 18 votes, respectable for a story less than 10 days old, but I’ll obviously need the support of readers to have a chance at winning the 2015 Summer Writing Project contest from JukePop. So please do vote, and enjoy the story…preferably with a glass of Italian wine!