Padre Steve, a recipient of one of my blog awards for 2014, is a very thoughtful blogger on historical, political and religious matters, and I learned not long ago a friend of my brother in law. He’s written numerous articles about the intersection of modern politics and religious thought. This article as as good as I’ve ever seen on his site and explains the religious underpinnings behind “Manifest Destiny” in American history–a process poorly understood by most Americans, and which has disturbing applications to modern conditions. This is a long read but well worth it. Thanks to Steve for his very thoughtful analysis!

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Today another section of my Gettysburg Staff Ride text, taken from the second introductory chapter which deals with how religion and ideology plays a huge role in conflict and how it was used during the American Civil War.  This section discusses how a people’s worldview is strongly linked to culture and religion. It deals with the rather uncomfortable truth that the Islamic concept of the Caliphate differs little from the American idea of Manifest Destiny, a concept which may have created our nation as we know it but in practice was as barbaric and dishonorable as nearly conquering power has ever done, in fact there are many on the political right in this country, especially the Christian Right who are apologists for what occurred in the past and who advocate more of the same now. 

This might be an uncomfortable read for some people, and I hope that is the case. Of…

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