This week, we are going to witness what I think will be remembered as one of the most important events in the recent history of climate change. Pope Francis will release a document called an Encyclical, in which he will make the fight against manmade climate change the preeminent moral and ethical crusade of the Catholic Church. In the document–whose contents have already been leaked–Francis will link the problems of climate change to issues of poverty, income inequality and human rights, and will call out climate change deniers and fossil fuel companies as immoral and diametrically opposed to religious and humanistic values.

The above video, which is presented as a faux movie trailer, takes a lighthearted and frankly hilarious take on Francis’s new crusade. I think it’s absolutely brilliant, and provides some much-needed levity in the discussion of climate change which is so frequently underscored with very troubling problems. Watch and share–you’ll be glad you did!

I am not Catholic, but I’m very happy to say that leaders of my own faith, Judaism, agree completely with Francis’s arguments about the ethical dimensions of climate change and our responsibility to reverse it. This letter, signed by over 300 rabbis from all Jewish denominations, sets out the religious case for dealing with climate change from a Jewish perspective, and the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life, an interfaith group dedicated to environmental issues, has explicitly called upon Jews to support Pope Francis as he brings the power of the Catholic Church to bear on the most serious problem facing planet Earth in modern times.

Go Francis!