I was very sad to see this post today on the 1870 to 1918 blog. Jenny, the author of that blog, has unexpectedly passed away. This short article is a statement by her brother. I know all of us in the online history community join me in expressing our condolences to him, the rest of Jenny’s family and her friends, associates and everyone she touched.

Jenny had a blog that was both historical and literary. Many of her recent posts have dealt with literature created by witnesses and survivors of the First World War, an event in which she was very interested. She has some very thought-provoking posts about WWI literature from Owen to Remarque to Jünger, filled with vivid images and heartbreaking testimonials about the most terrible of all wars. If you haven’t read some of these posts before, they’re absolutely worth spending some time with.

Jenny, you and your insights will be missed. We thank you for all you contributed to our community. My prayers go out to Jenny’s family.