The stars have finally aligned…the gods have spoken…and I’ve finally done a collaboration with the “Groovy Historian!” Groovy has been making a name for himself as a history blogger and a prominent historian on social media in the past year or so, and he’s been joining forces with other online historians to tackle a variety of subjects. On his latest podcast when went up yesterday (June 23), he interviewed me, and we talked about the Great Plague of London in the year 1665. This is a pretty interesting topic, involving environmental history, medical history, urbanization and various other themes. Take a listen, it’s pretty interesting!

GroovyHistorian’s podcast is posted on his website, here, and is also available on iTunes. He’s a pretty interesting fellow to talk to and he covers a wide range of historical topics, so there’s something for every history lover to like. I will probably return to his show at some point in the near future. Enjoy!

The image associated with this article incorporates images (the rat) by Wikimedia Commons user H. Zell, licensed under GNU Free Documentation License, and (London 1665) by Wellcome Images, a website operated by the Wellcome Trust, licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 (Attribution) license. The resulting composite header I relicense under Creative Commons 4.0.

london 1665