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I’ve been so busy reading books and preparing for my summer class that it’s been hard to find the time to work on Barefoot in Rome! But last night I cranked out another chapter, this one Chapter 5, titled “Hadrian’s Tomb.” In this chapter–pretty much a direct continuation of the last one–Dane has got his old Exeter Academy classmate Loney right where he wants him, which is to say, with his attention focused on Dane instead of somebody else. As they work their way across Rome on Loney’s scooter (which is, by the way, the only way to see the Eternal City), Dane flashes back to their years at Exeter, and you’ll learn the rest of the story I began in Chapter 4 that might help explain how Dane got to be so fixated on his friend…or it might not!

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As you might be able to tell, a lot of my own memories of Rome have been coming through in various parts of the story. Hadrian’s Tomb, where the chapter eventually takes us, is a highlight of things to see there–though of course I didn’t see it under the circumstances described here! Writing Barefoot in Rome has been an interesting return to those summer trips years ago. Hopefully you enjoy it.

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