It’s time again for one of my favorite rituals in the rite of passage of getting a new book out…the cover reveal! Above, behold the awesome cover art for my upcoming horror novel, my fourth for Samhain Horror, The Rats of Midnight.

I have had some really awesome covers in the past, for Zombies of Byzantium, Zombie Rebellion and especially Doppelgänger, but in my opinion this new cover is a masterpiece. The artist is Kelly Martin, who has also done covers for The Dover Demon by Hunter Shea, Q Island by Russell James, and Mother of Demons by Maynard Sims. My editor is already informally calling this “The Snarl,” and it fits perfectly!

The Rats of Midnight, which will be released in December 2015, is a rather unusual horror story taking place in Portland, Oregon at the height of the dot-com technology and financial bubble in 1999 and 2000. Here’s the synopsis:

Raven Bochner’s job may kill her! Fresh out of law school, Raven joins one of Portland, Oregon’s hottest technology law firms at the height of the dot-com boom. But when she stumbles upon a murderous cult that serves up human victims to hungry rats in a sacrificial chamber beneath Portland’s Old Town, she begins to suspect her own bosses and co-workers are under the cloaks and hoods of the bloodthirsty rat-worshipers. Whatever else they’re up to, their bloody talons run deep—from a New York boiler room pushing fraudulent stocks, to geek-studded cubicles of Internet start-ups that seem suspiciously like dot-bombs primed to explode. As Portland’s homeless become rat food one by one, Raven enlists in a desperate scheme to stop the cult once and for all—if she can before she becomes the next sacrifice, and before the fragile dot-com bubble bursts!

I couldn’t imagine a more perfectly appropriate cover for this book. When you read it I’m sure you’ll agree.

Samhain Horror has a well-proven track record of cultivating great authors, thrilling (and horrifying) stories and ace-talented cover artists. They are the best in the business and I say that without any hesitation. If you like horror, Samhain should be your home. Great authors like Stephen Graham Jones, E. Michael Lewis, Russell James and J.G. Faherty keep pumping out great new stories all the time. Samhain is a class act and I’m happy to be associated with them.

Keep watching for more Rats of Midnight stuff in the coming months!

The cover of The Rats of Midnight is copyright (C) 2015 by Samhain Publishing, and may not be reproduced without their permission.