Nordic Migration to the U.S. – Interactive Map

This article from the ThorNews blog is really quite interesting. It’s the history of Nordic immigration to the United States, in one handy map! I love technology because it allows us to find new dimensions on the teaching and understanding of history, as this map illustrates. Good job ThorNews, as always.


Nordic Migraton USA 1870 - 1960

(Screen Shot: ThorNews/ Expedia)

On 5 July 1825 the first emigrants left Norway and Stavanger in a sloop to start a new and better life in the US. The journey took around three mounts and on 9 October the first Norwegian immigrants arrived in New York.

US Postage Stamp Viking ShipA 1925 U.S. postage stamp honoring the 100th anniversary of the Norwegian immigration. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

“…in 1825, during a period of particularly fierce religious strife in Norway. In July of that year, a group of six dissenting families, seeking a haven from the official Norwegian state church, set sail from Stavanger in an undersized sloop, the Restaurationen. When it arrived in New York harbor after an arduous 14-week journey, the Restaurationen caused a sensation, and the local press marveled at the bravery of these Norwegian pilgrims. Local Quakers helped the destitute emigrants, who eventually established a community in upstate New York. Today, their…

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  1. We have a Norwegian Lodge here in Bend! It reminded me when I saw a circle right smack in the center of Central Oregon. Yep, that’s us! In addition to the Norwedgian lodge, Skjersaa’s ski rentals and store has been in Bend since 1958. Here’s from there website:

    “The Skjersaa’s Story

    Skjersaa is a name that has been deeply ingrained in the Northwest’s ski and snowboard community for more than 80 years. Scandinavian lumber worker Nels Skjersaa, his brother Olaf, and a few other colleagues formed the Bend Skyliners Mountaineering Club in 1928. They were the first group to bring organized winter sports to Central Oregon. The “Skyliners” sponsored races, conducted mountain rescues, and promoted competitive skiing. This was all happening long before the Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort that we all know and love was open.

    In 1957, a group of investors began developing a ski area on Bachelor Butte. Bill Healy was the visionary, and the Skjersaa family and the “Skyliners” were integral during the early years of development. Their involvement helped shape Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort into the winter sports recreation area that we cherish today.

    Central Oregon’s ski community grew rapidly and in 1958, Nels’ brother, Olaf Skjersaa opened Skjersaa’s Ski Shop.”

      1. That would be fun! We have river RV property on the Siletz river near Lincoln City. I think I read you go to the coast for vacays. That would be a fun “neutral” meeting ground, somewhere around there. Newport, maybe?

      2. How about Yachats? I know a very nice little wine shop there…actually more than one. Perhaps in the fall, when my husband’s work schedule loosens up a bit, we could meet there for a drink!

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