At the beginning of the summer I showed you a musical video by Olav Plotz, a German musician, with his interpretation of the classic Gershwin tune “Summertime.” Now here is another song by him and his musical collaborator, the multi-instrumental-talented Benjamin Stein, on a song they created in 2013 called “Colors of Alsen.” Alsen is an abandoned cement factory on the border between Germany (Schleswig-Holstein) and Denmark. It has evidently been abandoned for many years and its concrete surfaces decorated with very artistic graffiti, many of whose images appear in this video. Plotz & Stein, innovative musicians who seek the unusual, use this unique setting to its greatest advantage. This is a strange little quirky video, perhaps not what you would expect, but this is the essence of musical innovation.

Olav Plotz is the uncle of a very good friend of mine, Karl, a young man who lives in northern Germany, creates metal music (formerly) under the name of Rekator and who proved to be a very loyal friend to me during our trip to Wacken Open Air in 2014. Talent runs in this family as you can plainly see. The juxtaposition of cutting-edge music, with a traditional vibe, plus the vagaries of modern 21st century urban decay present an interesting juxtaposition that you may not have seen before. This is the reason I’m bringing it to you now. Enjoy!