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Some of my more astute readers may recall that, early in the summer, I was writing and promoting chapters of a little book I was doing called Barefoot in Rome, which was running on the awesome JukePop Serials website chapter-by-chapter. (JukePop also hosted by WWII spy thriller The Armored Satchel). While very few of you actually read Barefoot in Rome, I thought it was worth an announcement that I have asked for it to be withdrawn from JukePop Serials, as it’s been languishing for a while there with no new chapters posted since early July. My chance to with the 2015 Summer Writing Contest has passed, and in any event I’m not sure Barefoot in Rome was as fleshed-out as it probably should have been before I started writing it.

I envisioned Barefoot in Rome as sort of an “anti-romance”: a book about love and relationships, but deliberately outside of the tropes of the stringently-defined boundaries of romance fiction. It’s the story of Dane, a callow 21-year-old who’s just come into his trust fund, and who takes off to Rome to pursue Loney, a friend from their days together at a swank Eastern prep school. Dane and Loney’s rather nihilistic adventures in the Eternal City, most of them centering around girls and partying, draw them closer together but also farther apart from the women they profess to love. I’m still quite interested in doing a story like this, which totally lacks anything in the way of zombies, battles, alternate universes or anything of that nature. However, now is not the time.

The summer has been, although quite rewarding, especially busy and grueling thanks to my climate change class. Also, as it turns out I’ve been working on a new writing project, about the Pacific theater of World War II, and this has been my primary fiction effort this summer. Also, reading over the five extant chapters of Barefoot in Rome, it seems to me that there’s something missing. It just doesn’t seem to work the way it should, which suggests I have more work to do at the conceptual level. In any event, the five chapters of the story will soon be down from JukePop, though it’s quite possible they may return at some point in the future.

My next project that will be published is the horror novel The Rats of Midnight, which is coming in December! Thanks, as always, for the support.