Here is another amazing bit of Nordic history from the ThorNews blog! In the 13th century it seems a man carved a little verse about his boyfriend on a stone wall. Experts have known about it for years, but only now is it becoming public knowledge. Will Nidaros Cathedral become an LGBT pilgrimage site? I don’t know, but it certainly is an amazing discovery!


In Latin: «LAURENSIUS CELVI ANUS PETRI» is carved on the Nidaros Cathedral. (Photo: Asbjørn Svarstad/Dagbladet)

Trondheim historian reveals Norway’s oldest “gay graffiti” on the Nidaros Cathedral.

– Look! Here it is, laughs historian Terje Bratberg while pointing at a carved inscription on a huge boulder on the south wall of Nidarosdomen in Trondheim.

According to the expert, the four words written in Latin reads “LAURENSIUS CELVI ANUS PETRI.”

– In other words, Bratberg explains: “Lars is Peter’s butt.” He is certain it is a reference to a gay relationship.

The Story

At the end of the 1200s, during the building of the cathedral, Archbishop Jørund had a fierce conflict with the cathedral’s priests.

Towards the end of the 1290’s, Laurentius Kàlfsson (Norwegian: Lars Kalvsønn) was a priest in Nidaros (early name for Trondheim). He held a trusted position with the Archbishop.

After a quarrel, the Archbishop sent Lars as messenger to…

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