The above video is by Shane, an adventurous Australian who runs a YouTube channel called “Tattered Passport,” and who I originally featured on a Wine Wednesday post when he took some friends wine-tasting in Australia. I was surprised to check back on his channel, looking for more wine-related stuff, and find that he’s currently in Antarctica! As the frozen continent is one of my many interests, I immediately started clicking his videos and found this one, a short (less than 4 minute) jaunt where he and some friends explore the ruins of Wilks Station. The stunning visuals and sense of forgotten history here is very powerful, and I thought many of you usual readers would enjoy it.

Wilks Station was originally constructed in 1957, as part of the International Geophysical Year, by the United States which invested heavily in Antarctic research and exploration at this time. In 1959 the US turned the station over to Australia, who operated it until 1969 when it was abandoned. Now most of the station is buried under ice, but various elements are still visible and Shane shows you what it looks like–together with an absolutely stunning Antarctic sunset. (By the way, the sunsets in Antarctica last a very long time).

Fascinating video! I also recommend other videos on Shane’s channel especially if you’re into travel and real-life adventure. Expect more from him to be featured here in the future.