Jaunting Jen has always been one of my favorite history blogs, and it was great to see this article she posted listing her favorite history blogs! Every one of these history sites is absolutely worth reading and following. The history blogosphere is pretty small and intimate, and all of these blogs have something great to contribute to the conversation. Follow them all!

Jaunting Jen

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Cuneiform Writing. Photographer Jan van der Crabben

I’ve been spending most of my free time teaching 9th grade World History, but I’m thrilled too see Jaunting Jen included in the Ancient History Encyclopedia’s list of 10 history blogs to follow.

10 History Blogs to Follow

There are hundreds of great history blogs out there and we could write about them all day! These are the 10 history blogs Ancient History et cetera’s blog editor follows on a regular basis.

  1. Following Hadrian
    This is the blog of history enthusiast Carole Raddato and she is particularly interested in anything related to the emperor Hadrian. Whenever Carole is looking for new places to visit, she takes inspiration from Hadrian’s journeys and follows in his footsteps with her camera and notepad at the ready.
  2. Clio Ancient Art & Antiquities
    Clio Ancient Art and Antiquities was established with the…

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