Watch 1500 years of London history: The London Evolution Animation.

The above video, which compresses over 1500 years of the geographic history of London into a bit over seven minutes, is a new and fascinating contribution by the Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, an organization that studies cities and urbanism. The London Evolution Animation presents a bird’s-eye view of the major sites in various eras of British history beginning in Roman times and continuing to the 21st century. In this spiderweb of roads and dots, you can see how the geography of London developed throughout changing times. It’s quite fascinating for any student of history, environmental history or geography.

I love stuff like this, and it’s great to see video and computer animation tools being utilized to their fullest potential in the teaching of history. Geography is not the boring subject that you think it is–just sitting around staring at a globe. It’s a living and breathing thing that goes hand in hand with history and even science. I don’t think you can teach history without geography, and certainly the reverse is true. Great job by the Bartlett Centre.

Thanks to the en-topia blog, where I found this video.


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