This morning I decided to check back in with Shane of the YouTube channel Tattered Passport, who as you recall first came to my attention while he was sipping Shiraz in Australia’s Swan Valley. I was then surprised to discover that he’d gone to Antarctica, a place in which I have much interest, and last month I showed you his exploration of an abandoned Antarctic research station. In this short video, also taken in Antarctica, Shane hikes up a monument known to Americans as Observation Hill or simply “Ob Hill,” which commands a view of McMurdo Sound and Mt. Erebus, the highest peak in Antarctica. There aren’t a lot of words in this video, but a lot of really stunning vistas that show you what the frozen continent is really like.

I became interested in Antarctica back in 2007 when I was writing All Giamotti’s Children. I learned so much about life down there that I subsequently wrote another book (not yet published) that takes place at McMurdo Station, and Ob Hill is featured prominently as a location. So I was quite interested to see it here on Shane’s channel.

Incidentally, it occurred to me this morning just how much misunderstanding and “woo” there is out there about Antarctica. As I was watching this video I saw on the right hand side of my YouTube window, in the “Up Next” column of suggested videos (not by Tattered Passport), a long line of worthless videos dealing with UFO visitations or secret Nazi bases in Antarctica. I don’t know where people get these ridiculous ideas about the place, but I hope real-life videos like Shane’s bring people a more reality-based vision of the Earth’s final frontier.