It’s always a pleasure to read Robert Horvat’s take on history, and this time he takes us back to the 15th century with the first part of a profile on French hero Joan of Arc. I don’t know nearly as much about Joan as I should, though obviously she’s a fascinating figure and one without equal in the Middle Ages. Great job, Robert, and I look forward to the next installment!

Rearview Mirror


Joan of Arc, wearing a breastplate and brandishing her banner, rode at the head of the uncrowned Charles VII’s army and into history. She led the French to a famous victory by routing the English at the Siege of Orleans in 1429. As the people of Orleans burst into rousing cheers, questions were immediately asked who was this young woman? For seven months Orleans had been under siege by the English and now in a little over 4 days of fighting, Joan of Arc, a simple peasant girl, had liberated the town and its inhabitants. It was truly a miracle. Their liberator had swapped a life of spinning wool besides her mother to don a suit of armour, answering a call from God at only seventeen years of age.

France’s national heroine, nicknamed ‘The maid of Orleans’ years earlier at the age of 13 had a vision of Saints Michael…

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