september gale

Tomorrow (September 23, 2015) is the 200th anniversary of a hurricane that struck Long Island and New England, and which came to be known in popular parlance as “The Great September Gale.” I recently wrote an essay on the 1815 hurricane, and what it might tell us about how people viewed weather and climate 200 years ago, which has been published on the wonderful humanities site Zócalo Public Square. Here is the link to the article. As Zócalo also syndicates its content to various other sites, the essay has also appeared on the Smithsonian-sponsored website What It Means To Be American. Check out the article, it’s pretty interesting if I say so myself!

Big thanks to Jia-Rui Cook, the editor of Zócalo Public Square. Please share the link, if you feel so inclined!

The header image is in the public domain but comes from the book The Providence Plantations for 250 Years by Welcome Arnold Greene.