This is an amazing post from Padre Steve’s blog that is one of the finest melds of history and current events that I’ve read in quite a while. Steve takes us through the contentious history of the Lecompton Constitution, a slavery controversy in the 1850s, and how it destroyed the Democratic Party–and explains how today’s rapidly progressing implosion of the modern Republican Party resembles it in some ways. I was considering doing an article on my own blog similar to this, and I still may, but in the meantime please check out this fine piece of history and news–it will open your eyes!

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I have been watching the implosion of the Republican Party with some concern, not because I am a Republican or support that party, but because I am a historian and understand that the effects of these kinds of crack ups are not just bad for the party concerned, but often for the country, because they reveal deeper social and political issues. As I watch this I am reminded of the crisis and battle regarding the Lecompton Constitution in 1858. Since the article deals with this in some detail I will cut to the bottom line. In 1858 the Democratic Party held majorities in both houses of Congress and the Presidency. It had been aided by the collapse of the Whig Party and the new republican Party was still in its infancy. But extremists Democrats sought to push through a measure to bring Kansas into the…

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