It’s been a long time since I’ve done a ballad here on Metal For Friday, and going back through the list I see that I don’t think I’ve ever featured the Scorpions in this series. Time to change both of those things! “Send Me An Angel” is the final track from the German rockers’ most successful album Crazy World, which happened to come out exactly 25 years ago today, on November 6, 1990. This is an interesting song because it’s slow and ballady, but not really about love. The vibe that Crazy World was trying to capture was a hopeful one for the world as a whole, coming as it did at the end of the Cold War. “Wind of Change,” perhaps the album’s most memorable track, is explicitly about that. “Send Me An Angel” focuses on more of a personal journey but it’s still clearly within the same vibe.

It’s incredible to realize not only that this album came out 25 years ago, but that the Scorpions themselves have been rocking for fifty years. Yes, that’s right–the band was originally formed in Germany in 1965 and they’re still going strong; in fact I believe they’re releasing new material this very day, November 6, 2015. I saw the Scorpions at Wacken Open Air in 2006 and they put on a terrific show. This was one of their great hits.

Have a wonderful weekend, and Shabbat Shalom! \m/