Padre Steve, a religious man as well as a military veteran, has some thoughts on the Paris tragedy and its relationship to the wars that we’ve been involved in with Middle Eastern countries recently. This sobering view incorporates the prophetic words of Edward Grey as the First World War was beginning. I hope this vision doesn’t come to pass, but in our unsettled times now, who knows. Thanks Padre for these words.

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It is barely a day and a half after the massacre committed by Islamic terrorists in Paris, and the shock is still being felt around the world. In watching the images and listening to the words of various leaders I feel that something has changed; that the illusion of peace that we have lived under, has been shattered.


In two weeks the self-proclaimed Islamic State has claimed credit for the downing of a Russian airliner over the Sinai Peninsula, an attack in Beirut Lebanon, and, on Friday night the horrific series of attacks in Paris. The combined death toll for the three attacks is close to 400, almost all of who were innocent civilians doing nothing more than going about their daily lives. Hundreds more were wounded in Beirut and Paris. ISIL has promised to conduct more attacks on all nations that oppose them in Syria…

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