Many of my most regular and loyal readers have blogs of their own (which I read too), and most of them are on WordPress. This article is specifically for them. You may have noticed that in the past few days WordPress released an unannounced, untested and badly thought-out “redesign” of their basic interface for editing articles. If you’re as frustrated as I was at the horrible new interface–which eliminates, hides, or makes more difficult all of the basic features that have previously made WordPress so good to work with–then you NEED to read this article by Marilyn Armstrong on the Serendipity blog, which gives you a nice meaty link to an extremely easy browser add-on plus script which will enable you to banish the terrible new editor forever. What will happen is it will force your browser to open only the old “classic” interface, and if you click by mistake on a link that WordPress wants to trick you into taking you to the new editor, the script will redirect to the old editor automatically. I can’t stress how useful this is. Super big thanks to Marilyn for posting it, and the Penguin for creating the script that is literally saving WordPress for those of us who find the new editor impossible to work with. Please reblog this on your own blogs to spread the word!