Walt Disney Treasure Rediscovered in Norway

It’s truly amazing the things you find in Norway! ThorNews brings us a fascinating little tidbit of a major piece of cinematic and cultural history that was recently unearthed in a Norwegian film library. It turned out to be none other than one of the earliest Disney cartoons, a forerunner of Mickey Mouse! I don’t know where Thor finds this stuff but it’s really interesting.


Disney Treasure Empty SocksThe animated film “Empty Socks” was created in 1927 as Walt Disney’s first Christmas motion picture. (Photo: Walt Disney / National Library of Norway

The 1927-Disney film “Empty Socks” was considered a lost film until it appeared in the collection of the National Library of Norway in 2014.

Through detective work by employees at the National Library and historian and author David Gerstein, the animated treasure was revealed.

– This is a film historical and sensational discovery, and we are proud to be part of bringing it back into the light, says film archivist Kjetil Kvale Sørenssen at the National Library to newspaper Aftenposten.

Until now, experts thought only 25 seconds was all that was left of the Walt Disney Christmas motion picture, presented on December 12, 1927. This short silent film clip has long been in the hands of the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York.

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