It is wonderful to see great bloggers get the recognition that they deserve. Excel Wines of the UK has chosen Michelle Williams’s “Rockin Red Blog” as one of the 100 most influential wine blogs on the Internet. Michelle, as you recall, provided the fabulous wine suggestions for my “Winds of War” live-blog series this summer, and I know that many of my loyal readers also read her blog every day, so this is a victory for all of us who enjoy her wonderful posts on wine, food, music and culture. As I said not long ago, a blog is a community. Michelle is part of our community and we’re happy to see her in the limelight.


Last week Exel Wines released a project they had been working on for months. According to Exel Wines it was a painstaking project involving extensive algorithms and methodologies to determine the Top 100 Most Influential Wine Blogs of 2015! The list is thorough and impressive, filled with wonderful wine writer with great knowledge and skills. Somehow I made the list!  I am feel deeply blessed and truly honored to be among such great company; however, I feel overwhelmed and humbled by the support YOU, my readers,  have provided me. You are the reason I made the list! Some have objected to  list others basking in its glory; I simply feel it provides a great opportunity for me to thank you!

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