Metal for Friday: Korpiklaani “Pellonpekko” [video].

This is a very simple, catchy instrumental tune by the Finnish folk metal band Korpiklaani which barely even sounds like heavy metal. The fiddle work is really great and the old-time traditional feel of the music makes you think of spending a cozy winter evening in a little plank hut somewhere in a Scandinavian forest. This song has been roaming around in my head a lot in the past few days, and though it’s not the kind of balls-out melt-your-face heavy metal I often feature on this series, I thought it’d be a nice segue into a New Year’s holiday weekend.

“Pellonpekko” (I do not know what that word means) comes from the band’s first studio album, Spirit of the Forest which came out in 2003. It remains one of Korpiklaani’s best-loved songs. This is not an official video but rather a fan-made one, with pastoral images of Scandinavia that I think match the tune quite well.

Have a wonderful weekend, and Shabbat Shalom! \m/




  1. Happy New Year Sean, nice instrumental it sounds Celtic, beautiful and so are the photo’s.Hoping you have a great 2016 wishing for you peace, joy and success. All the best!!

  2. Discovered your site by your S.S. Central America article. Then saw you had a heavy metal section! I’ve seen Korpiklaani a bunch of times, ate dinner with a few members and took a cab with them to party after a show….. A night I will never forget!

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