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Fool Proof Scotch Eggs

While I don’t often run recipes on this blog, I do occasionally, especially when I see something out there that looks particularly delicious. Here is a tasty morsel from the Tassy Bakes blog (who has not appeared in my reblog list before now), with instructions on how to make a perfect Scotch Egg. This is a pretty difficult art, and just browsing the photos from this article makes me hungry! I’ve found eggs are really hard to get “just right” and Scotch Eggs evidently even more so, therefore this article is really useful for those of you game to try. Great job Tassy!


  1. I was so surprised to see it was your name under a delicious-looking food photo! Those look fabulous! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  2. I love scotch eggs and am so shocked as is anotherfoodieblogger to see how wonderful your photo’s are. Not that you are not capable just something I have never seen before and making these eggs is tricky. You did a great job both in execution of the recipe and photographing. I did read the recipe and it sounds wonderful.

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