The classic band Helloween is the father of German power metal, and not just stylistically: various offshoots, split-offs and side projects by former and/or current members have come to populate the European power metal scene. One of these is Masterplan, a band I paid only a little attention to in the past decade, but recently I heard again their debut (2003) album, Masterplan, and was impressed by it all over again. This song, “Enlighten Me,” is one of the most well-known tracks from this album and was previously (2002) on an EP with that title. If you haven’t sampled Masterplan before, this is definitely a good way to try them out. It’s exactly what Euro power metal should be: melodic, heavy, fast, catchy and done very well technically, especially vocals by Jørn Lande which have just the right vibe for this song that has just a touch of melancholy.

Masterplan has had a bit of a rocky history since its founding by Helloween members Uli Kusch and Roland Grapow. Various members have come and gone (and sometimes returned) over the years, with a little bit more than usual of the behind-the-scenes drama, falling-outs and “creative differences” that plague most metal bands. But they’re still out there and still making music; a new live album just came out in 2015.

Have a terrific weekend, and Shabbat Shalom! \m/