Above is a video by Erik Smith, proprietor of a YouTube channel called The Low Budget Review Show, where he reviews horror and science fiction books, movies and games. Mr. Smith recently read my new horror novel, The Rats of Midnight, and greatly enjoyed it, giving it four “bloody sacrificial daggers” out of five. This review came to my attention when I saw it posted on Amazon, which I didn’t know before now could do video reviews, but evidently it can. Do check it out, it’s a very interesting and in-depth review.

This review is great because Erik really gets into the book in depth and explains what features of it appealed to him. I find this treatment actually more meaningful than a lot of printed reviews, which don’t often go into the detail that Erik does here. And of course I’m thrilled and gratified that he enjoyed The Rats of Midnight. It really is an interesting and unusual book, if I say so myself!

Big thanks to Erik Smith and The Low Budget Review Show. If you haven’t yet picked up The Rats of Midnight, you can find it here on Amazon, here at Samhain Publishing, or search on your preferred outlet for buying books. It’s available both in e-book and paperback format.