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This article is for readers and fans of the four horror novels I’ve written since 2013, those being Zombies of Byzantium, Zombie Rebellion, Doppelgänger and The Rats of Midnight. All have been published by Samhain Horror, a branch of Samhain Publishing out of Cincinnati. Unfortunately, this weekend I was informed that Samhain is going out of business. While the official word was that all books by Samhain authors would continue to be available on various retail outlets on the web, in both e-book and paperback versions for at least a while longer, readers have been telling me that they’re already encountering difficulties in trying to find them, especially the paperback versions. (I checked for myself and the paperback of The Rats of Midnight is already listed as “out of stock” on Barnes & Noble, though it is still available, as of February 28, 2016, on Samhain Publishing’s website–though obviously not for long!)

If for whatever reason you’ve been wanting to read one or more of my horror books and have been procrastinating, now is the time to act. Get them before they go out of print! I’m not just saying that as a gimmick to sell books. You really will miss your chance, at least for a while, to read them, though I and some family members are planning to “stockpile” some copies that I would be able to sell directly to readers–though that will be a limited supply.

Once the rights to the books revert to me, which will happen whenever Samhain ultimately winds up its business (or potentially sooner), I will find a way to get all four books back into print. So they will become available again eventually, but I can’t promise when that will happen. So, if you want the books now, get them while  you still can.

For ordering information on each book, click the title below. It will take you to a page listing various options–or, you can order from your favorite bookstore.

Zombies of Byzantium

Zombie Rebellion


The Rats of Midnight

I’m saddened and disappointed to hear that Samhain is going under, though part of me is not surprised since they laid off my editor, Don D’Auria, last fall. Don was the best horror editor in the business and I’m grateful to have worked with him. What’s next? I’m not sure, but keep watching this blog and I’ll bring you all the news I have on future projects.