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Every time a door closes, a window opens somewhere. Despite the recent news of the impending closing-up of my horror publisher, Samhain, I have a new and very exciting creative project in the works, and one you will, if all goes well, soon be able to enjoy: my very first podcast series! I’m announcing that soon the inaugural episode of The Valley of Forever, a science fiction/dramatic story podcast, will be premiering. I don’t know precisely where it will be available yet and can’t give you a link–though iTunes will most likely be involved–but it is well in the works. I’ve been working on the series for some time now, and those of you who follow my Twitter closely will have heard me reference it. This is a pretty exciting project, and a new one for me!

The Valley of Forever is science fiction/speculative fiction with a touch of what you might call magical realism. In 2015, a cruise ship, the ill-fated Crowne of the Sovereign Ocean, burns off the coast of the Bahamas in a tragic and fatal fire. As it turns out, a remarkably similar event happened to the same ship 23 years before, which can’t be a coincidence. Marcus Windom, a survivor of the disaster, begins telling his story of the event to his estranged son. But it’s about a lot more than just a burning ship. The twin disasters are merely the borders of a rich tapestry of time and space, involving a mysterious adventurer named Dale, a hypnotic book, a brutal murder, a village in the Himalayas where time stands still, and a hideous creature that resembles a giant grasshopper. Marcus’s search for the threads that bind these elements together might just take him to a place that lies at the very limit of human consciousness, and the farthest reaches of imagination–a place called the Valley of Forever.

The Valley of Forever podcast is based on my as-yet unpublished novel of the same name, which I completed in January 2015. It is a sequel (of sorts) to my short story The Antimeridian, which is available for free on Amazon. After I first got the idea to adapt it as a series of podcasts, I’ve discovered the narrative possibilities of a serial audio format lend themselves perfectly to the sort of unconventional narrative that the book is, and also offer tantalizing potential to develop the story even further. I don’t yet know how many episodes there will be, but however long the series lasts it’s certain to be a very interesting ride!

As I arrange the release of the first episode I’ll make another post (and eventually a permanent page) with specifics as to where and how you can access the show. Until then, prepare yourself for a pretty unusual audio adventure–one that may make you think about time in a totally new way. Watch this space!


The podcast is live! The first episode, “Smoke on the Water,” went up yesterday. You can find The Valley of Forever podcast here on Podomatic.com, and it is also now on iTunes. You may also want to follow the dedicated Valley of Forever Twitter feed, which is here. I’ll be doing a separate blog post soon!

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