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If you haven’t started listening to The Valley of Forever podcast yet, now is the time! The second episode, titled “Love and Fire,” went up yesterday evening. Also, the podcast is available not merely on Podomatic (where it’s hosted) and on iTunes (where most people will find it), but is now offered on Google Play and another service called TuneIn.com, where it has a very snazzy front page.

The Valley of Forever is a story of time-, space- and mind-bending events, very much in the tradition of Borges or Umberto Eco. It starts with two remarkably similar disasters on the high seas, one in 2015, the other in 1992, as told by one of their survivors in a series of recordings to his estranged son. In Episode 2, Marcus flashes back to the Sole Danzatore fire in 1992, but his own experiences at the time involve a mysterious warning that “the Time-Gate is open.” Episode 2 also marks the first appearance in the series–obliquely–of the strange insectoid creature that will become one of the major villains as the story goes on.

The podcast is, admittedly, a slow burn. But I have a lot of surprises in store. Episode 2 features original music by George Kay, who also cameos as a news announcer. Take a listen, it’s pretty interesting and, I think, unusual.

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