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The newest episode of The Valley of Forever podcast is now available! Episode 5, titled “Father of Lies,” went up late last night. It should be reflected by now on all the major platforms on which the podcast is available: Podomatic, its ostensible home, or if you prefer, iTunes, Google Play, TuneIn.com, and on Stitcher.

In Episode 5, Marcus continues narrating his life story to his estranged son, Alex. While still in high school Marcus gets the surprising news that the man he thought was his father is, in fact, not, at least biologically speaking. Three years later–after his first score as a con artist, which he falls into rather by accident–Marcus goes to Hawaii to find his real father. This follows up a plot point introduced in Episode 2. What he discovers there eerily echoes various clues in his past, including grasshopper iconography and veiled references to a cult called the “Church of the Divine Clockwork.”

I love Episode 5 because of its emotional and family-based tension, which the “long form” of doing a story over numerous episodes allows the opportunity to explore–as opposed to simply one plot or basic situation. Indeed I’m kind of amazed where I’ve been able to go in five episodes, from ship fires in the Bahamas to cathedrals of Europe, ancient Rome, and now Hawaii in the counterculture era (1960s-1970s) and the 1990s. I also love Episode 5 because of the wonderful music composed for it by George Kay. The song that appears here is called “Hawaiian Dad,” written specifically for The Valley of Forever. You hear it briefly in kind of haunting half-refrain in the story section, but then it’s such a great song I included it in full at the end of the episode.

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