Today (April 17) is World Malbec Day! For that occasion I thought I’d bring you an interesting article by Mike Veseth, the “Wine Economist,” exploring some of the economical and cultural dimensions of this wonderful varietal. I’ve been pretty friendly to Malbec before on my blog, having run Robert Horvat’s terrific guest post on the history of South American wine. Think of Mike’s article as a counterpoint to that one, discussing the future of this wine. Great job!

The Wine Economist

Wines of Argentina has designated Sunday April 17 Malbec World Day 2016. That’s only a week away, so you had better get started thinking about how you will celebrate this holiday. Please use the comments section below to share your Malbec World Day plans.

Malbec World Day is a good excuse for a Flashback Friday column since Malbec has appeared frequently in these pages in the context of the Argentinean wine industry. Malbec was, for example, the subject of an award-winning  documentary called “Boom Varietal: the Rise of Argentine Malbec”  (see video trailer above) that provided my first (and so far only) opportunity to be a supporting character in a film.

Here is a column from back in 2011 that honors all Malbec producers by revisiting Mendel Wines (a bottle of Mendel Malbec is on the short list of possibilities for our Malbec World Day celebration along with a “flashback” tribute…

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