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Frozen world: Living and working in Antarctica. [video]

Shane Ness, the blogger who runs “the Tattered Passport” travel and adventure site, is a great friend of this blog. Every few weeks I’ve been updating you with an update on his ultimate adventure: Antarctica! Last time we saw Shane was in a video he made documenting the journey from Australia to Mawson Station, Antarctica, which was pretty fascinating. Now in this video, longer and more in-depth, he shows us what it’s really like to live and work down there. This video takes us through a normal day for Shane as he works on electrical equipment and grows plants. You’ll also get some views of the spectacular scenery, and a keen sense of what happens in a place that’s mysterious and unknown to most of us.

Mawson, an Australian outpost, is a pretty small station at least compared to McMurdo which is the main American base on the frozen continent. Nonetheless, while at times–especially when he’s showing us the botany shed–I’m reminded of Matt Damon growing potatoes on Mars in The Martian, there’s a kind of fun field-trip quality to living in Antarctica that I’ve heard you can’t get anywhere else. In this video I was also taken by how good the food looks. Special bonus: if you listen carefully to the sound in this video you’ll hear a snippet of the classic old rock song “A Horse With No Name,” but I won’t tell you where it is!

Big thanks to Shane for sharing his adventures with us. I can’t wait for the next one. When it goes up I’ll share it here.


  1. Thanks for keeping us updated! I watched the whole darn thing and never heard the song! I must have bad hearing, lol!

  2. Wow you have a good ear for music. That was playing on “Slushie FM”. One expeditioner each day is the kitchen hand or as we call them, “Slushie.” When you are the slushie, you get to choose the music that the entire station listens to. Which sometimes can be pretty ummm unique.
    One Life, One Search,
    Peace Out,

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