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The strange story of The Valley of Forever continues! Yesterday, I posted Episode 7 of the dramatic science fiction podcast, which is titled “Remote Entity,” and you can listen to it for free on your favorite podcast syndicator. By now you should know the drill and have your bookmarks set: find it on PodomaticiTunes, Google Play,, and Stitcher. If you aren’t yet caught up on all the episodes yet, now would be a great time to hear them all.

In Episode 7, or protagonist (?) and possibly unreliable narrator, Marcus Windom, tells the story of his arrival in Austin, Texas in 1994 to attend law school. A mysterious time-slip seems momentarily to put him at the scene of the infamous Charles Whitman bell tower massacre of August 1966, and then he later becomes embroiled in another strange financial scam involving “remote entities.” For purposes of our story, though, certain elements are starting to come together–such as the very beginnings of how Marcus met the mother of Alex, the as-yet unseen character to whom Marcus is telling his life history.

This is an unusual episode. At 37 minutes it’s the longest one so far in the series, and for elements of the story I drew upon my background in law school and as a practicing lawyer. A “remote entity” is a real thing, though certain elements of it have been fictionalized and oversimplified for purposes of the story. From an audio engineering standpoint this was also an unusual episode to do. The previous episodes have all taken place in a hotel room, which has a certain auditory backdrop I’ve used several times, but I’ve gotten tired of that and instead chose to set this episode in a restaurant. Constructing that “audioscape” was pretty interesting.

The original music in this episode is, like all others except Episode 1, by ‘Kay (George Kay), who moonlights as the voice of the European TV newscaster at the beginning of this segment.

I just read this morning on Twitter that most podcasts don’t make it past seven episodes. This week I’ll be working on Episode 8…so soon The Valley of Forever will beat the odds! If you are listening on a platform that supports likes, ratings or sharing, please do, it will increase the visibility of the show. Thanks!

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