I’m back from a spring hiatus, and thought I’d give you a rock/metal classic to start your weekend! My choice for today harks back to the very first “Metal for Friday” I ever did on this blog, way back in January 2014. Def Leppard’s ballad “Bringin’ on the Heartbreak” was in my head on that winter Friday morning. Today, more than two years later, I was thinking of another great song by Britain’s greatest glam metal band, Def Leppard. “Love Bites” is one of their all-time favorites. Having come off the Pyromania album for 1987, which was designed similar to Michael Jackson’s Thriller in that every song on the album was a potential single, it was wildly popular and helped drive Pyromania to the top of the charts as Def Leppard’s all-time best selling album. I remember I had it on a tape and in the spring of 1988 it was on heavy rotation in my bedroom stereo. “Love Bites” was possibly my favorite song on the album.

Now almost 30 years on it’s hard to remember that Pyromania was a controversial album when it came out. Long-time fans of the band denounced it as a “sell-out” album, cravenly dumbed-down and slicked-up to get radio airplay and especially to appeal to MTV (which it did). This was also the first album since drummer Rick Allen lost his arm in a car crash in 1984. He remained with the band but to compensate for his disability his drum kit was partially automated. This gave rise to the legend, “Def Leppard with two arms = great; Def Leppard with one arm = crap.” I don’t agree with that sentiment but I heard it a lot in the late 80s and early 90s. Astonishingly, Def Leppard is still together, still out there recording and touring. Their latest album, self-titled, came out last year (2015).

Shabbat Shalom and have a terrific weekend! \m/