This delightful article from Robert Horvat’s history blog is an interview with author Nancy Marie Brown, specifically about the “Lewis chessmen,” a medieval chess set that’s one of the most famous game boards in world history. I learned a lot about Vikings, chess and the Middle Ages from this terrific interview. Stellar work on Robert’s part!

Rearview Mirror

Nancy Marie Brown.jpgMedievalist and author, Nancy Marie Brown just might be Iceland’s hardest working advocate. She spends a part of each summer offering an educational experience about the sagas and Vikings, not in a tour bus, but on Icelandic horses! Her deep love and association with this country goes back to her early days when she was first assigned to read The Prose Edda. (Surprisingly, we could go even further back to discovery that J.R.R. Tolkien was an inspiration along the way in her journey.) Since then, she has read every single Icelandic saga, she has learned modern Icelandic as a language and immersed herself in a world of Viking history and folklore. Along the way in a decorated career, in which I will leave for the reader to discover, she has also written six exciting and absorbing history books (and one young adult novel) and in the process revealed some…

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