Wine and War: Chateau La Tour Carnet

Michelle Williams of the Rockin Red Blog, as you may know, recently had the honor of going on a wine tour to France specifically for influential wine bloggers. This article is the concluding part of her account of that tour, and she gives us a taste of Bordeaux’s Chateau la Tour Carnet, which as you’ll see has an amazing history! Wine is inescapably intertwined with history, and this article demonstrates it. A very interesting read!


The final day of our epic Millesima En Primeur Bordeaux week brought us to a winery with a storied past. The origins of Chateau La Tour Carnet have been lost over time. It is known the winery dates back at least till the medieval period, probably beyond. In the 13th century the property was owned by Maison de Foix. He and his faithful squire were loyal to the Crown of England. When Bordeaux capitulated to the King of France in 1451, Foix and Carnet refused to submit, bringing them many misadventures, including war. Though the King of France eventually partially destroyed the property, Carnet’s name remained. During the French Revolution the estate was bought by a Swedish nobleman so it was largely spared and during this time the Chateau gained lasting prestige. In 1855, Chateau La Tour Carnet was rewarded for the quality of its wine by receiving Grand…

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  1. Thank you so much Sean! I am constantly humbled & blessed by your support!

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