Byzantine Constantinople lives…sort of! This is an older (April 2015) article by blogger Morris Gevirtz of the “Oranges Taste Good” blog which, if it is still active, focuses on archaeology-themed travel. This is a really interesting piece about an ancient 4th century crypt in Istanbul, as well as some other pieces of ancient Byzantium, like the walls, that are still visible, if somewhat neglected. This is an interesting companion piece to my own recent article about the “romance” of Istanbul. Well worth a read, and the pictures are great!

Oranges Taste Good

IMG_4511So I met up with a traveler that I had said I would show around town. I had wanted to explore the Theodosian walls further south than I had before. In a past trip I found a synagogue turned parking lot and some really nice Turkish people. Nothing other than cursory research could have prepared me for what we found.

We met up at the Boğa in Kadıköy, and took the famed Metrobüs across the first bridge, across the Golden Horn, and across about half of the length of the Theodesian walls – those walls so impenetrable that only several hoards, Christian and Muslim were able to breach them at different times in history.

We got off the Metrobüs at Cevizlibağ. I got myself a two Lira Pilav, not because I was hungry, but because it is so delicious. We walked across a park across from the 1453 Museum and…

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