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So, it’s been a long time since there’s been any Valley of Forever news on this blog, and last week was consumed with the Wes Anderson Blogathon. But since last Sunday (August 14) there have been two new episodes posted on The Valley of Forever podcast, the first since June. The Valley of Forever is a science fiction story that has been running since March and these latest installments bring the total number of episodes up to 13. You can find the podcast for free on these platforms: PodomaticiTunes, Google Play,, and Stitcher.

Episode 12, “Dale in the Valley,” is really the pivotal episode in the whole series. The narrator, Marcus, relates the story of the mysterious traveler known as Dale, apparently immortal, who finds himself awakening after an accident in what appears to be a farm village in rural Norway. But the village shouldn’t be there: he’s somewhere in the Himalayas. Dale eventually comes to realize that the nature of time in this place has been radically altered somehow. This episode is the source of the title, The Valley of Forever, and is the central part of the story.

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In Episode 13, “Key Man,” Marcus returns to his own life story. Living in San Francisco in the late 1990s, Marcus feels increasingly adrift in time and life. In this episode he explains how and why he came to assume another identity, and the strange manifestations–like the appearances of dead loved ones–that continue to plague him. The mystery deepens!

The process of putting together the podcast is something of an arduous one, but after 12 episodes it’s finally becoming routine…if I can find the time in my busy schedule to do it! I’m gratified that The Valley of Forever has found a small but growing and dedicated fanbase. The story is now well into its second half, and I think I’ve gained a lot of skill as a podcaster and aural storyteller over the past few months. It’s also nice to get the story out there.

If you’re enjoying the podcast, tell someone about it! Thanks again for everyone’s support.

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