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The Sidney Lumet Blogathon – The Fugitive Kind (1960).


Here is the latest entry in the Sidney Lumet Blogathon! The very erudite and multilingual blog Critica Retro takes on one of Lumet’s early films, the 1960 drama The Fugitive Kind. The blog is in Portuguese but also has English translations of each paragraph on the same page. Great analysis!

A battle of giants: there is no better expression to describe the occasion when two film legends, Anna Magnani and Marlon Brando, met. She was one of the greatest – maybe THE greatest – actresses from Italy. He was an equally powerful and iconic actor. Together, they contrast, they complete each other, and make a stange and thrilling couple…

Source: Vidas em Fuga / The Fugitive Kind (1960)

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  1. Le

    I’m flattered! My blog has never been called erudite before! I’m glad you liked the review, and thanks for the chance of writing about a wonderful forgotten movie.

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