ZombieRebellion by Sean Munger

My novel Zombie Rebellion came out in the summer of 2014, and while it’s undoubtedly still in print, it doesn’t make “new” news very often anymore. Therefore I was delighted today to see the book showcased on the Rabid Readers site (www.rabidreaders.com) as one of their Halloween picks for 2016! Tammy, an administrator of the site, gave Zombie Rebellion a very positive review, calling it “a very well written and solid historical work centering around zombies.” She also has some very interesting thoughts on the dynamics of zombies in fiction, how they interact with characters and how readers relate to them, some thoughts that she relates to The Walking Dead, which is hot again right now thanks to the popularity of the Season 7 premiere.

Do take a look at the full review, available at the link below. And if you haven’t read Zombie Rebellion yet, what are you waiting for? Thanks a lot to Rabid Readers for keeping me on the radar screen!

Source: Zombie Rebellion by Sean Munger